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The Positive Effects of Natural Energy Supplements on Your Brain

The Positive Effects of Natural Energy Supplements on Your Brain

When looking for a energy supplement to enhance your memory and brain function because you’re studying for a long exam or you are working long hours at the office, you might want to take a look at the ingredients in the product you’re thinking about buying. Many energy drinks and shots are loaded with sugar that will lead to a crash later. Below is a list of three natural ingredients that can help with memory and focus, as well as having a positive effect on your brain function.


Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the coffee plant. Caffeine is the obsession of past several decades. With the advent of quick serve coffee shops, and a Starbucks on every corner, the average American drinks about 3 cups per day. This is equivalent to about 950 million cups per day. Caffeine can help you get through a long work day and also helps with focus, alertness and if you lacked sleep the night before, it’s a life saver. Caffeine works in the brain, blocking a neurotransmitter adenosine, and stimulating chemicals in your brain like dopamine, serotonin and glutamate - the brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more positive. No wonder why coffee is a morning necessity. However, drinking too much caffeine can cause jitters, dizziness and dehydration. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day while consuming caffeine.

Ginkgo Biloba

These tree leaves have made their way through history, promoting good health. Ginkgo biloba is widely used today for treating memory loss and blood flow, it is known to improve blood flow, circulation and protect nerves in the brain that could be damaged by Alzheimer's disease. Studies suggest that ginkgo biloba may help with improved cognitive function, and lessen the effects of depression. Overall ginkgo biloba supports healthy brain function and improved memory. It is an excellent natural supplement and should be added to your diet.

Vitamin B

B-vitamins are excellent for protecting brain health. People who do not receive enough B-vitamins in their diet are more susceptible to issues with brain function which can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You might be wondering which B-vitamins are most important to brain function? Studies have noted that B9, B6 and B12 were the most important in brain health. Another vitamin that goes hand-in-hand with vitamin B is omega-3 fatty acids - found in salmon and nuts. These types of foods help increase the effects that B vitamins have on the brain.

As you can see, there are many natural ingredients that help with brain function. If you’re looking for a supplement that includes all of these natural ingredients and in an all-in-one natural energy boost, then look no further than Study Up Energy tablets. These tablets have controlled-release layers unlike energy drinks, shots and basic caffeine tablets that release “energy” into your system immediately after consumption. Study Up Energy tablets offer an affordable, healthier option versus other products in the market. Learn more about Study Up Energy and buy now!